What is your distribution?

We print around 15,000 copies each month to ship to tack and feed stores, boarding facilities, and event facilities on the 15th of each month, and cover Central and Norther California, Southern Oregon, and a few cities in Washington.

Who reads West Coast Horsemen?

Our magazine is an all breed, all discipline equine publication, but about 98% of our content is directed towards the Western Horse and Rider. We are a direct publication for West Coast Barrel Racing Association and Central California Cutting Club.

Is West Coast Horsemen free?

Yes, our magazine is free at any of the locations you find us at.

My local feed store isn’t carrying your magazine. Can they get your publication?

Yes! Please call our office to add your local feed store, tack shop, or boarding facility to our shipping list for free.

Do you send your magazine to events?

We sure do! We print extra copies each month to send to different clinics, shows, and events. If you have an event that you’re attending and would like to see a West Coast Horsemen at, please call our office and let us know!

I’ve moved out of your distribution area, but would still like to get the magazine. Can I get a subscription?

Subscriptions are $25 per year, and we will direct mail you your subscription once we receive your payment.

Can I pay for my ad or subscription with a credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Please note that we require all 12x advertisers to keep a credit card on file that we can automatically charge each month.

I want to advertise in West Coast Horsemen, but I don’t have any artwork to send in. Can you create an ad for me?

Absolutely! We have an incredible art department that can create an ad for you, FREE of production costs.

Do I get to see my ad before you print it?

We will send you a proof of your artwork once it is ready. If you don’t proof it, we don’t print it.

What if I don’t like my ad? Can I make changes to it?

Of course. We will send you a fixed proof once we receive your changes.

If I advertise with West Coast Horsemen, do I have to sign a contract?

We require contracts for all our advertisers who run 6x, (6 months/issues), or longer, but contracts are available to all our advertisers upon request.

Does my ad have to stay the same during my contracted run time?

Nope! You can change your ad content, size, and color or black and white at any time during your contracted run. For example, if you sign a 12x contract for a full page color ad at $360 per month, but in the month of December want to drop to a 1/4 page black and white, you will be able to drop that ad size AND rate to $85 for that issue/ad size.

Will you send me a bill, or do I need to prepay for my ad?

We ask that all first time advertisers prepay for their first ad, and then for every issue after that we will send you a bill in the mail. Please note that we send out statements each month, and invoices are available upon request.

Can I request special placement for my advertisement?

Yes, but special placements such as the cover, inside front cover, pages 3 and 5, the inside back cover, and the back cover, cost extra, and all special placements require a signed contract.

Do you offer discounts to Non-Profit Organizations, such as rescues?

We most certainly do! Please call our office for more information about discounted ad rates.

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