**Your First Step in Horse Hoof Health**
StepnSoak is the first one-piece, self-attaching vinyl hoof soaking boot designed to make the task of hoof soaking simple, safe and effective. Made of durable 3-ply Taurpin with a webbed nylon center, StepnSoak 911 can be easily slipped on, and strong enough to leave the horse in cross-ties or in a stall while soaking. And, the fact that the boots are 18” high means your face and head don’t have to be down low in hoof striking range while you put them on! The reusable boots are then secured with ties that criss-cross securely around the horse’s leg – no more fumbling with clumsy buckets or wet duct tape.
We have added a free fetlock wrap to better secure the StepnSoak’s boot snugly around the fetlock area to isolate the medication and/or warm water soaking into the hoof.
Safe and Incredibly durable, StepnSoak 911 is the new go-to product for any hoof or lower leg treatment. It can expand to accommodate a draft horse of fold to fit a pony. After each use, simply rinse the StepnSoak boots and store them for future use. Their compact design makes them perfect for travel and they are ready to use right out of the box – just look for the emergency “911” yellow color! EASY ON, EASY OFF—NO MESS!
Use StepNSoak to treat:
*Hoof Abcess    *Contracted Toe    *Bacterial infections    *Laminitis     *White Line Disease    *Puncture Wounds    *Navicular    *Thrush    *Vapor Treatments    *Seedy Toe    *Deep Conditioning in Dry Climates
Got a Hoof? You need StepnSoak 911!
For more information please call 888-787-6765 or check out the website at

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