Staley Equine Center

by Sue Schindler
Rave reviews are already coming in for Staley Equine Center, a state of the art equine hydrotherapy facility. Opening their doors in 2015, Staley Equine Center offers a brand new, first class conditioning and rehabilitation facility that features the HydroHorse In Ground underwater treadmill system, situated in their indoor building for year-round, all season use.
The facility is owned by Mandy Staley, who is an accomplished equestrian barrel racer with years of experience competing and working with horses.  She discovered the benefits of training and conditioning horses through hydrotherapy, and decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening her own facility for conditioning and rehabilitation of horses.
The center is conveniently located in Northern California, not too far from the Oregon or Nevada borders, in Cottonwood, CA.  It’s directly between Redding and Red Bluff, off Interstate 5 Fwy, which makes it easy to access for those competing in the area or for horse owners traveling through who need to keep their horses conditioned on the road.  It’s about 3 hours north of the Golden Gate track for working and rehabbing racehorses.
Equine hydrotherapy is fast becoming the premier fitness and rehab alternative for performance horses in all disciplines.  At Staley Equine Center, the underwater treadmill offers innovative technology with safety and comfort for the horses.  With their underwater treadmill, horses “feel” the ground like they would on a track or arena, but the water provides close to 40% body weight displacement.  So the horse gets the physical benefits of a workout using normal gaits, with reduced concussion on its limbs and body.  The buoyancy allows the horse to gain maximum benefits in recovery or conditioning, while strengthening bone density and encouraging muscle development.  A workout schedule using the Staley Equine Center’s underwater treadmill will help equine athletes withstand the rigors of travel and competition, and also keeps them fit to handle longer periods of time in training and showing.  Because the exercise in the treadmill is controlled, it has been proven to also help with tying up, by adding tone to the back and stifle muscles.  And of course, there are significant benefits to the heart and lungs from the cardio while using the underwater treadmill sessions.
The experienced staff at Staley Equine Center works together with veterinarians and other equine therapy professionals to customize workouts and rehab programs, as each horse has individual needs.  Vicki Cook, a professional WPRA barrel racer, has been signing the praises of Mandy and the staff at Staley Equine Center.  Vicki says her horses are so fit and look their best under their program at Staley Equine Center.  She highly recommends the facility, with first class equipment, safety and expert handling by the staff.  “Thank you for getting Bud and Tommy fit…they love the aquatred!”  Bud’s Famous Son, a Dash to Fame gelding, had success as a futurity horse and now Vicki is seasoning him as her up and coming star!  Look for the pair as they tour the circuit in 2016 & 2017.
Staley Equine Center has also had success with long term rehab.  For client Kayla Nichol, a member of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo rodeo team, Mandy helped get her horse, Especial Wild Child, aka “Jelly,” back to barrel racing after a suspensory ligament injury in 2014.  “It was a chronic injury that required stem cell treatment  and nine months of rehab,” Kayla said.  “Mandy and Staley Equine Center have been a huge part of Jelly’s recovery.  “Swimming” on the underwater treadmill is low impact and allowed my horse to strengthen his body without aggravating the injury.”  Kayla can visibly see the difference in his body, looking more filled out and stronger after workouts on the HydroHorse treadmill at Staley.  “Swimming” on the underwater treadmill works muscles that riding alone is unable to accomplish, and the results are visible.  My horse feels amazing – powerful yet supple at the same time.  Jelly certainly enjoys his time at Staley Equine Center, and your horse is definitely in good hands with Mandy at the facility!”
Staley Equine Center is welcoming new clients, for horses of all breeds and in all disciplines.  “There isn’t a breed or riding style which wouldn’t benefit from our hydrotherapy programs,” Mandy Staley believes.  “Whether you are barrel racing, roping, cutting, reining or competing at the Cowboy Obstacle challenges or racing on the track…your horse can improve his physical and mental performance by actively conditioning at our facility.”  One of Mandy’s favorite “side effects” of equine fitness through hydrotherapy is the relaxation and stress release experienced by the horses as they workout on the underwater treadmill.   Once they are comfortable with the process (which usually doesn’t take long!), you can actually see the horse enjoying his jacuzzi massage, the bubbles and having a great time.  Talk about the perfect workout: Jacuzzi jets under water while walking on the treadmill!  The horses love it and owners love the fitness and performance results.
Check out the great videos at Staley Equine Center on Facebook or call 530.945.4993 to schedule a tour of the facility or a workout program.  Staley Equine Center is located at 19530 Adams Road, Cottonwood, CA, 96022.

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