Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department- R3C Wild Horse Program

What We Do:
In July 2014, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, (SSD), and the Bureau of Land Management- California joined Forces in helping wild horses and inmates. Mustangs receive care and training from the R3C Wild Horse Program inmates, and are then available for adoption to the public. This helps the more than 46,000 wild horses in holding facilities find good homes. This program has also shown to lower recidivism rate of inmates, and successfully provides saddle started mustangs to the public at adoptions.
About the Ranch Manager:
SSD hired Joe Misner to train the trainers. Joe has been working with horses for more than 30 years; he has owned, trained, and shown several breeds in his life. For the past decade, he has worked with the wild ones. He competed in 15 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, (EMM), and placed in the Top 10 nine times. He was the champion of the 2014 EMM in Norco, and was invited to the Mustang Magic competition five times. He also worked with high-risk teenagers, training them on how to train horses. Joe is dedicated to helping find BLM mustang’s forever homes.
How Are the Horses and Trainers Trained?
Joe uses natural horsemanship techniques based on approach and retreat to gentle and train the wild horses. He teaches the trainers, many of whom have never been around horses, these techniques and how to be a leader for the horses. Before they can handle horses, they must do such things as cleaning corrals, feeding, and cleaning tack. Then they learn to handle the horses, starting with an already trained horse. Joe has created a six level curriculum for the trainers to complete- as they progress through the levels, they get more time with the wild horses, and more responsibility. At Level One, the trainers learn about horse behavior, conformation, hoof care, safety, equipment, how to properly tie a horse, and grooming, among other things. By Level Six, they are doing more advanced maneuvers, reining patterns, and lateral work. In addition, they are able to gentle a wild horse and start it under saddle in 120 days.

Annual R3C Home Adoption- October 14, 2017 at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center:
Here at the Wild Horse Program facility, we will have 10-15 inmate trained, saddle started mustangs available for adoption to approved homes.  There will be mares and geldings between 4-7 years old of varies colors, including: buckskin, sorrel, liver chestnut, and palomino, to name a few. The Meet and Greet starts at 9:00am- attendees will be able converse with the inmates while on the horses they helped to train. Attendees will be able to inquire about the horse’s personality and abilities. Demonstration of the horses starts at 10:00am, where the inmates will showcase each of the horse’s abilities. The adoption will begin at 11:00am, with the minimum bid starting at $300.00. To be qualified to bid, each potential adopter must fill out an adoption application prior to bidding. You must complete all the required fields and bring it with you on the day of the adoption, or you can fill out the adoption application the morning of the event. Once your adoption application has been reviewed and approved by a BLM staff person, you will be issued a bidder card and be eligible to bid. No children under the age of 12 years old will be allowed to attend. There will be no dogs allowed at this event.

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