Return to Freedom

Wild horses are facing their last stand. On the back of these great beings, we, the people built a country based on freedom. Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation is fighting to protect and preserve the freedoms of the American wild horse. For decades, we have had available humane solutions (a comprehensive birth control program), which would keep wild horses on the range and save tax dollars. Sadly, agencies continue to discredit proven alternatives instead of committing to implement them. Even though rounding up and removing these horses has caused the program financial instability, the government still insists on capturing these beings. Tens of thousands of American wild horses may be purchased inexpensively, hauled to Canada or Mexico, and then sent to slaughter. A raise of voice and call to action will save them from being wiped from America’s lands. Return to Freedom along with Ed Harris, Robert Redford, and many other celebrities are calling on the American people and the government to end the capture of the American wild horse and implement the proven alternatives. Let us not see these horses go to slaughter at the hands of the government. If we do, we will lose a piece of American history.

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