Red Bluff Arabian Horse Association Winter Show Recap

Red Bluff Arabian Horse Association held their first Winter Horse  Show in January at the  Rollings Hills Equestrian Center in Corning,California.  This show presents Arabians, and Half-arabian in a wide variety of classes, showcasing their beauty and versatility.  This year all breeds were welcome, providing more interest in the horse world.  The weather was certainly mixed, sometimes very stormy and then some  times nice sunshine.  The arenas are covered so the show went on whether rainy or clear.  This show has been held for over 35 years in Northern California, the  show has  previously been held in May.    It has been held at Rolling Hills Equestrian Center for four years.  To hold the show in January is new and exciting.  Exhibitors came from many areas,  Chico, Sacramento, Ventura, and Nevada.  Amateurs, professionals, and youth competed.  Attracting 90 horses, Arabian, Half-arabian and other breeds.  It was a two day show on January 21 and 22, 2017.  Horses were presented in western, hunter, english, and in hand classes.  On Saturday there was reining and cow classes.  A new type class for this show called herding was included for the first time.  In this a  rider cut a cow from a herd and worked it., keeping it away from his buddies in the herd.   Cow control was the objective.  Trail was held on Sunday.  The horses were judged on the way they went through a gate, over poles and walked and trotted through various obstacles.  A calm demeanor and smooth go were given the highest score.  Arabians  showed their gentle dispositions and response to riders cues.    A very popular class was Arabian Native Costume.  Shown at a walk, canter and hand gallop, the costumes were quite spectacular.  Ranch Riding classes are gaining in popularity and encourage Arabians and other breeds in a very relaxed type of class.  There was a youth table with crafts and fun projects.  Put these future dates on your calendar and come enjoy show.  It is free to spectators.  The next show dates are  January 19, 20, 21, 2018.   A special thanks to everyone who supported this first RBAHA Winter Horse show and to the open breeds who became part of this endeavor.  We will be adding additional classes so be sure to check on the schedule in the fall.

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