Ice Horse® Sets The Standard For Equine Cold Therapy

While many products claim to provide effective cold therapy for your horse, Ice Horse is the only product proven to get cold enough, and stay cold long enough, to provide the deep penetrating cold to required reduce inflammation and swelling.
Your horse is an athlete. Treat him like one.
When professional football or basketball players finish a tough practice or game, they don’t always hit the showers first. Many times, they head straight for an ice bath. Numerous studies have shown that ice therapy after physical exertion reduces the risk of injuries and speeds recovery. Quite simply, athletes who ice themselves come back better the next day than those who do not.
Inflammation is an overreaction that causes collateral damage and excessive pain. Ice Horse is the right choice for injuries and calming down damaged tissues that are inflamed, red, hot and swollen.
What does Ice Horse Do?
Physiologically speaking, using Ice Horse does a few things. For starters, its analgesic, meaning it reduces pain associated with the activity. But its most important effect is to encourage vasoconstriction. When a horse is working hard, the capillaries that extend into his muscles, tendons and ligaments expand to bring in needed blood. You need that wide-open flow in the height of activity, but when the activity is done, that excess flow will persist—even for hours—and will bring in now-unneeded fluid that contains mediators and enzymes associated with inflammation. You don’t want that sitting around in tissues. Not only does it provoke an inflammatory process, but also pooling fluids will stretch tissues, making them less elastic over time. Once you lose the elasticity in tissues, particularly in the lower limbs, you can’t regain it, and the horse may then be prone to fluid accumulation–known as “stocking up.” The sooner we can get them back to their baseline circulation the better, and icing helps with that.
How Long Do I Treat For?
“As it turns out, horses can take a much deeper cold for a much longer duration that humans can” says Dr. James Orsini at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center. “Icing is, drugless way of dulling the pain of inflammation and we have found that the Ice Horse products provide a therapeutic level of cold for over two hours per application. With Laminitis we recommend continuous icing for 72 hours at onset. Protocol for other treatments can range from 45 minutes daily for maintenance, 48 hours continually cold for a sprain or strain to 3-4 session daily for rehabilitation post surgery or other therapeutic treatments.”

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