Horse’s Honor

Horses’ Honor Rescue offers lifetime sanctuary for elder horses in need. Saved from slaughter, neglect and unnecessary euthanasia, our horses enjoy an enviable retirement on large acreage with peaceable companions. We endeavor daily to make their world a wonderful place.
Horses’ Honor also provides assistance with horse placement, euthanasia and gelding services as well as an emergency hay bank. We believe that a helping hand is better than a wagging finger. Volunteers welcomed!
We believe that all horses are valuable beings regardless of their ability to “produce”. We reject the concept of horse slaughter for human consumption.
Please visit our website at and Like us on Facebook. Shop year round at our discount Tack Store in Echo Valley Ranch Feeds in Auburn, Ca.. Great bargains on a wide variety of donated tack. Lots of dressage saddles! Western gear needed, please consider donating that old saddle gathering dust in the barn, you will make a real difference in the lives of horses.

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