Let’s get away from this “Rescue” idea and let’s work on changing how we look at these horses. Instead of calling these organizations “rescues” and using the terms “re-train”, and “re-home” let’s start calling it; helping at risk, dis-placed, and/or horses in transition. Our goal is to do more and at Hope for Horses! We bring these horses back into the equestrian world, not just as pets or companions, but as valuable, good equine citizens and partners.

These are some of the things we do:
We offer an Adaptive/Therapeutic Horsemanship Program incorporating our horses in all aspects along with an Equine Assisted Therapy Program
We participate in “A Time To Ride” as a catalyst to bring more people into the equestrian world in order to help find more homes for horses.
We are members of the California State Horsemen’s Assoc. utilizing the Horsemastership Program to educate our volunteers and students.
At the California State Fair, we perform a daily show, showcasing our “Rescues” as the great horses they are.
Our Teams participate at the Western States Horse Expo in CSHA and Centered Riding Demonstrations.
Our “transitioned” Off the Track Thoroughbreds perform and compete in many disciplines from dressage to ranch versatility.
So let’s change these “unwanted” ideas to WANTED.

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