Healing Arenas

Incorporated in 2014, Healing Arenas Mission is “to support emotional healing through equine interaction, and to provide safe and restorative homes for retired racehorses.”

We accomplish our Mission by utilizing retired racehorses in our re-training program to give solutions to individuals, groups, families, veterans and first responders dealing with life’s struggles.   We are certified by EAGALA, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association to provide equine assisted psychotherapy and learning.  These experiences are activity based on the ground and facilitated by a licensed therapist, equine professional, and the horses as a team.

Our Retired Racehorse Project has been effective in re-training thoroughbred ex-racers for multiple disciplines.  Since incorporation in 2014, we’ve placed or assisted with 16 horses finding new homes as hunter/jumper prospects, trail and pleasure horses, gymkhana and sorting, and even Mounted Unit police horses.   Our prospects are assessed individually for their abilities and talents and their re-training begins with back to basics.  We strive to turn out reliable horses with solid foundations.

We are proud to assist our community in multiple ways!  If you would like to learn more, or volunteer for one or both divisions, please visit www.healingarenas.org.

“Every horse can help a human, every human can help a horse”

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