Fall Care Tips from Buckaroo Leather

Now that fall is upon us, it is a great time to be in the saddle. The air is cool and crisp with that fall smell, the pesky bugs are starting to vanish off, and the scenery around you is vibrant with colors.

Fall Riding:

  • If your horse becomes sweaty during your ride, cover him up with a fleece or wool sheet while he is cooling out, so he doesn’t catch a chill.
  • Be aware of hunting in your area. If you go out on a trail ride, wear brightly colored clothing so hunters wont mistake you and your horse as a deer.

Fall Horse Care:

  • Schedule an appointment with your vet, or if you do your shots yourself, for fall vaccinations.
  • If your horse is a hard keeper, now is the time to slowly start bumping up his daily rations to decrease the likelihood of your horses dropping weight during the change in the weather and seasons.
  • Give your horse dentist a call to make sure your horse’s teeth are in good condition before heading into winter. This is important for senior and young horses.

Fall Leather and Tack Care:

  • Cover your saddle with either a clean blanket or sheet, or purchase a saddle cover- which can be found for both English and Western saddles.
  • If you’re in the northern climates, chances are you’ll be riding less in the winter than other seasons, making it a good time to clean and examine your tack. Leather is meant to be flexible, so it can withstand a lot of fluctuation in temperature.
  • To keep leather supple and in good working condition, it needs to be regularly cleaned and oiled. Remove dust, mud, and horse hair with a glycerin based cleaning product of your choice. After cleaning, lightly oil the saddle. If you live in a warmer, wet climate, use a product to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Bridles and reins will need a little more care to keep them protected over the cold season. Hang your bridle so the crown piece is on a round hook to keep its shape. If you have any rawhide, such as bosals or quirts, use rawhide cream, and then store in a plastic bin. Hang romal reins so they won’t be bowed when you use them again in the summer.
  • If you do ride during the colder winter months, don’t forget that saddle pads require a little extra care too. Western saddle pads generally don’t dry quickly in cold weather, so it’s ideal to have at least two you can rotate, allowing one to dry while the other is in use.  English riders have an easier time keeping their pads clean and dry, as they can be laundered.

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