Draw It Out

If there is one product to have in your performance horse barn, it’s Draw it Out veterinary strength liniment.  A revolutionary staple for all breeds and disciplines, Draw It Out can be used for everything from poultice, body wash, neck sweat, and hoof soak to using with other therapies like ice boots, magnets and ceramics and as a wrap…literally hundreds of uses for one extraordinary, all natural product!
Draw It Out is designed to quickly alleviate swelling and soreness, using a proprietary blend of natural minerals.  There is NO risk of blistering or burning, making Draw it Out the strongest, all natural equine liniment on the market today.  Draw it Out meets the guidelines for USEF and FEI competitions, so it’s the perfect go-to resource for every equestrian sport.  It has NO COLOR, is ODORLESS and there is no mess, like traditional poultices.    Draw it Out won’t stain the horse, so it’s perfect for pre-event applications, and can even be left on for extended periods of time without burning or blistering.  It is also safe if ingested, so when a horse licks the wraps, there is no danger to the animal.  Draw it out is 100% Made in the USA, with ingredients locally sourced to ensure quality, high standards, and effectiveness.
Successful Barrel Horse Trainer Amber Arnold always has Draw It Out in the barn and the trailer.  “Draw it Out is my choice liniment because it is 100% natural.  If I’m running on hard ground or deep ground, hauling 12 hours or 2 hours, I have the best ally available in Draw it Out to help battle the soreness of my grueling rodeo schedule.”  Amber especially counts on the ordorless, easy application, and never worries about burning her horses. Amber is a WPRA Barrel Racer, AQHA World Show Qualifier and Multiple Arena Record Holder.
Sabrina Ketchum, a WPRA racer based in New Mexico, also endorses Draw it Out veterinary strength liniment as her “go to for topical leg care on all of her competition horses.  The natural product is safe and results in tight, cool legs.”  In 2016, she qualified for the American and won the first round in the semi finals.  She qualified for the NFR in 2013, and hopes to be back in the world standings with her talented young horse, Mahalo.
“Before Draw it Out, my horses would get stiff and their legs would swell being stalled on the road, but now I can haul a few hours or all night and I know my boys will make the same run in any event,” all around cowgirl Jamie Farmer reported.
With testimonials from barrel racing, roping, rodeo and reining, to jumping, dressage and even the everyday recreational riders, Draw it Out is proving to be the product everyone has in their barn.   Because it’s all natural, safe, and easy to use, Draw it Out leads the field as an effective pre and post performance therapy.  Using Draw it Out before a workout will allow the muscles to stay limber and help prevent heat build up.  After workouts or competitive rounds, spray or sponge Draw it Out with water to aid in cooling, decreasing temperature and reducing swelling.  For injuries, Draw it Out is also beneficial for its all natural, anti-inflammatory properties.
Draw it Out is available in a high potency gel or concentrate formula, in a variety of sizes to meet your stable needs from the professional trainers to the individual horse owner.   The gel is available in the new 64 oz size, or 16 oz bottle.  The Concentrate is available in 4 oz, 32 oz, and 128 oz bottles.  Order Online at www.drawitoutusa.com.

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