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Riding with the TrailMeister: Highline – A Recipe for Success

Version 2 By: Robert Eversole If you’re an experienced horse camper, or want to be an experienced horse camper, you’ve most likely either used or have heard of the “highline.” Done well, a highline is an exceptionally useful, low-impact, method for keeping our furry four legged toddlers out...
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Empty the Glass While You’re in the Arena

DSCN4082By Steve Bauhr  This summer for me is all about riding outside the arena.  Between our Horseback Getaways and helping a good friend with his summer riding projects, there has not been much time to work in the arena. If we visualize our time in the arena...
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Getting the Bend with Richard Winters Horsemanship

1As you continue to advance in your horsemanship, the posture, shape and frame of your horse’s body becomes more and more important. In this article I want to discuss the idea of the proper bend in your horse’s body when executing maneuvers. The Reining horse needs...
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