BLM Wild Horses and Burros Adoptions Vs. Purchases

by: Amy Dumas In 1971, after the largest letter-writing campaign at the time, Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The Act offered protection from branding, harassment, and capture to wild horses and burros living on Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service lands in ten western United States. The Act also...
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My Space

AQHA Professional Horseman Jason Smith gives you tips to teach your horse to respect your personal space. Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily Whether you call it "shouldering in," "crowding the handler" or "falling into you," it's a habit that needs to be stopped. Listen to what Jason has to say about teaching your horse to respect...
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Backing Your Horse Like A Champ

Ask your horse to back up lightly and willingly with the halter for a positive horse-showing experience. Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily Backing your horse is a common maneuver in showmanship classes, so it's important to do it correctly and seemingly effortlessly. Objectives: • To cause your horse to back up with very light action on his halter •...
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