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Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2018

Celebrating the Spirit of the Horse! Join the “round-up” of horse lovers, as the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo, presented by Akins Trailers, gallops into Albany, Oregon, March 23 through 25, 2018 at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center! “Now in our 19th year in Albany, the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo is packed with...
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Trail Riding’s Most Wanted

The most dangerous mistakes are the ones you don't recognize. By: Robert “TrailMeister” Eversole The advice that I usually write about is geared towards avoiding mistakes, but what defines a mistake? And how do you recognize one? After all, one person’s gaffe could be another’s routine. Many drivers, for example, don’t wear seat belts. And those folks...
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Life, Horses, and Cancer

By: Steve Bauhr Sure, I had worked with untouched mustangs, but the first time I stepped into a corral with a truly wild and aggressive horse was not long after I had decided to start riding and working with horses for the public. I stood prior and watched two pretty good hands get chased out of...
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