Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fall Care Tips from Buckaroo Leather

Now that fall is upon us, it is a great time to be in the saddle. The air is cool and crisp with that fall smell, the pesky bugs are starting to vanish off, and the scenery around you is vibrant with colors. Fall Riding:
  • If your horse becomes sweaty during your ride, cover him up...
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By: Jessie Wright The day I let go of competition, I started to win. Does that sound backwards? Yoda might understand it! Remember, he said, “Do you must, there is no try.” Well, I tried for years. I was so embarrassed at competitions, failure after failure after failure. I was convinced that others were looking at...
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Thoroughbreds! Off the Track Thoroughbreds!

Fall is here, cool weather, happy horses now with energy. Where am I going with that?  We take in lots of thoroughbreds here at Hope for Horses, Inc.  Most of them are off the track, ready to begin a new life in a new discipline. So as this cooler weather comes on, these high energy...
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The Round Pen – A Chance to Work on You!

By Steve Bauhr I’m sure it’s been around longer, but the first time I saw a round pen being used was while watching John Lyons in the 80’s. He was doing some cool things back then that are still being done now, yet little credit goes his way. Just about every place I work now has a...
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