Monthly Archives: July 2016

Help Wanted! With Richard Winters Horsemanship

“Help Wanted!’ No, I don't need a stall cleaner or assistant trainer. However, it is true that I need help. I'm on a horsemanship journey and I've decided that I cannot get there on my own. I'm constantly looking for individuals and situations that can help me improve my horsemanship skills. In this article I...
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Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Wild Horse Program

The Sacramento Wild Horse Program (WHP) is a collaboration between the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The goal of the program is twofold: to reduce the amount of horses currently held in BLM holding facilities through training that will allow them to become adoptable to the public, and to rehabilitate...
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A New Bauhr Ranch

DSCN0554By Steve Bauhr This year Bauhr Ranch has moved to a new location. We sold the La Grange ranch in April, and we've moved to the new property in Chinese Camp, CA. It’s just 14 miles in distance, but its worlds away in the direction this ranch will...
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